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Posted: Feb 12, 2020


Port State Control (PSC) deficiencies are being issued by Paris Memorandum of Understanding
member states over fire-fighting outfits with the following indications:
• Not suitable for fire entry;
• Not a fire entry suit; or
• Outfit with buttons and or latches penetrating the suit and conducting heat to the wearer.
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Posted: Oct 23, 2019

AMSA Marine Notice 03/2019 - Pilot Transfer Arrangements

This Technical Alert is issued by the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) to draw attention to a recently published Marine Notice by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) on Pilot transfer arrangements.

AMSA published Marine Notice 03/2019 on 21 October 2019. The Marine Notice can be viewed at
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Posted: Aug 6, 2019

CIC 2019 focusing on emergency systems and procedures - questionnaire now available

With the joint press release dated 1 August 2019, the Paris and Tokyo MoUs published the questionnaire for this year’s Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC). The Black Sea, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Riyadh and Vina del Mar MoUs will perform this CIC as well.

The questionnaire contains ten technical questions and one administrative question, and the CIC is focusing on the importance of regular training for different emergency scenarios as well as the proper maintenance of technical systems to ensure the readiness of crew equipment in case of any emergencies. It aims to reduce the high number of detainable deficiencies, in particular related to emergency generators, emergency fire pumps, and records of drills.

The PSC’s Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) 2019 on emergency systems and procedures will start on 1 September 2019. Its focus will be to verify the readiness of crew and emergency equipment in case of emergency. Now the questionnaire has been published.
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Posted: Jul 29, 2019

Concentrated Inspection Campaign by Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU

Concentrated Inspection Campaign by Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU.

Shipowners, managers and crews need to be prepared for a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Emergency Systems and Procedures, a joint three-month initiative by the Paris Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Tokyo MoU on Port State Control (PSC).

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Posted: Aug 15, 2018

Concentrated inspection campaign focusing on MARPOL VI – questionnaire now published

he Port State Control’s concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) on MARPOL VI will start on 1 September 2018. With the joint press release from 1 August 2018, Paris and Tokyo MoU published a questionnaire of ten questions. The focus of the CIC is to verify compliance with MARPOL VI requirements.
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