Rest Hours and Operations

AWP Marine Consultancy Ltd works on the principle of treating others the way that you would expect to be treated yourself . This is especially the case where it comes to inspections and audits of facilities and vessels.

We believe that we should conduct audits and inspections with particular regard to crew and office staff working and rest hours. Due flexibility shall be given to vessel, facility and office operations that maybe undertaken at the time of the inspection or audit and the schedule amended as necessary to meet the needs of the facility.

Multiple SIRE inspections should not be performed by any AWP Marine Consultancy appointed inspector in any one day as this is considered unacceptable practice. The only exceptions to this rule would be in the event of completion of a part inspection one day and commencement of a part inspection for part of the same day. However, if this was planned, then permission would be required from AWP Marine Consultancy office on a case by case basis beforehand.

Further reference should be made to client specific guidance including, but not limited to the latest edition of BP SIRE Inspector Guidance notes and additional ‘OCIMF SIRE Editor’ instructions.

Confrontation and Bribery

AWP Marine Consultancy Ltd encourages its consultants to conduct a fair inspection or audit in line with OCIMF SIRE guidance and industry practices and supports its consultants in this process.

We expect our consultants to immediately report any offers of bribery or unacceptable levels of confrontation from vessel or facility staff and will report this immediately to the client and OCIMF.