Our Services

AWP Marine Consultancy Ltd aims to provide the highest quality in the inspection and auditing field through its well motivated and experienced master mariners and chief engineers, all of whom have served in the demanding positions as senior officers on various oil, gas, chemical and bulk carrier vessels.

Incident Investigation

AWP have qualified active investigators available at short notice to perform incident investigation work. We are able to perform investigations on behalf of charterers, vessel managers or OCIMF members following our own investigation methodology, or specific industry standard procedures.

Charters Representatives

We are able to act as representatives to charterers on specific issues including incidents, accidents, cargo shortfall and condition surveys or inspections.

Expert Witness

AWP have consultants experienced in the field as expert witness for navigation and machinery casualties together with cargo quality issues. Our highly qualified consultants are able to provide this service at short notice, with wide-ranging practical and theoretical experience behind them.

Terminal Assessments

Experienced in the field of terminal auditing, our consultants have a wealth of experience in terminal management, floating storage solutions, terminal auditing and engagement in several port and terminal projects. We are able to provide consultancy to prepare the OCIMF Marine Terminal Particulars Questionnaire (MTPQ) for clients and the Marine Terminal Management and Self-Assessment (MTMSA) that provides the best practice and key performance indicators against which terminal operators can assess the effectiveness of their management systems for berth operations and ship - shore interface.

Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA)

Originally introduced in 2004, the TMSA has helped both operators to assess, measure and improve their safety management systems and for OCIMF members and Charterers to gauge the effectiveness of a Company against an industry standard tool. AWP have a wealth of experience working with OCIMF members conducting TMSA’s and are actively engaged in improving this process further. Our experienced consultants are able to identify gaps between the operator’s submission and key performance indicators and if necessary provide a solution to address these areas.

Offshore Vessel Management and Self-Assessment (OVMSA)

OCIMF's Offshore Vessel Management and Self-Assessment (OVMSA) program has been developed as a similar tool to TMSA to help operators of offshore vessels to assess, measure and improve their management systems. AWP have been heavily engaged with OCIMF members in conducting OVMSA of offshore Companies to identify gaps within their management systems and if necessary provide solutions to these areas of weakness.

Ship to Ship Service Provider Management Self-Assessment

Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge in carrying out the OCIMF STS service provider self-assessment audits on behalf of charterers and OCIMF members. The STS Service Provider Management Self-Assessment is regularly used by STS service providers to verify that their safety management systems (SMSs) are comprehensive and sufficiently robust to minimize all potential safety and environmental risk in the execution of their operations and to measure and continuously improve their management systems. We are able to provide this assessment service to identify where gaps may be apparent and provide solutions to close these gaps.

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISM / ISPS

AWP consultants are able to perform independent assessments, to verify the effectiveness of a Company’s Safety Management System / Quality Management System and identify areas of weakness where gaps may exist. We are further able to provide solutions to close these gaps to ensure internal and regulatory compliance is met.

Report Quality

AWP believes in providing its clients with the most accurate and professionally written reports. In achieving this target, we review each and every report for quality, clarity and grammar prior to release to our clients.

Key Performance Indicators and Continuous Improvement

As a measure of continuous improvement and quality AWP have set a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for our inspectors and consultants to meet including timely submission of initial findings, report compilation and quality of the report itself. We are able to provide these figures to our clients at any time for their specific assignments.


Our experienced consultants are able to work with ship owners and charterers to identify gaps within the Safety Management Systems and provide solutions to these areas for improved performance and preparation for OCIMF member TMSA visits.

Nav Audits

AWP consultants have a wealth of experience as senior deck officers and masters in conducting regular navigation audits to identify gaps and provide solutions for optimum bridge team operations. Our detailed bespoke audit format captures both bridge team behavior and any knowledge gaps where identified and our experienced consultants can make recommendations to improve these operations.

Internal Audits

Our auditors are trained to ISO /Internal audit level and able to perform the functions as internal auditor for operators or as a third party to identify gaps within the Safety Management Systems.