AWP Marine Consultancy Ltd requires all of its employees and contractors to be sober at all times whilst travelling on and/or carrying out business on behalf of the Company. This is an essential requirement to maintaining a safe environment and key to the safety of the Company and its staff.

The objective of this policy is to remind individuals of their responsibilities to the Company and others whilst working on board ships, terminals and offices, or within any marine facility, and to act as an effective deterrent against abuse and misuse of alcohol and/or drugs.

All employees must ensure their performance is never impaired at any time by any intoxicating substance, and shall maintain a level of sobriety that will not in any way impair their capability consistent with their duties during their work.

Further to the above requirements of AWP Marine Consultancy Ltd, all employees and contractors shall abide by all rules and regulations concerning the use of Drugs and Alcohol that may be specific to individual facilities and vessels and shall additionally comply with these requirements when working in these locations.