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Posted: Oct 8, 2020

"A Guide to Pilot Ladder Securing"

This document is designed to give clear illustrated instructions on how pilot ladders MUST be secured in order to comply with SOLAS Regulations & IMO Resolutions.
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Posted: Oct 5, 2020

Category 3 BIRE Inspector Needed

Based in Amsterdam / Rotterdam / Antwerp region

AWP Marine Consultancy Ltd would be very interested to hear from existing OCIMF BIRE inspectors and/or EBIS inspectors based in the Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Antwerp region or candidates that meet the following requirements;

Location and Work Permit

Must be based in the Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Anterp region or able to locate to this area at their own cost and able to work in the EU without restriction


• Certificate of competency for Officers in charge of a navigation watch or as Master of a ship of less than 500 gross tonnage issued by recognised flag state, or

• Certificate of Competency as Second Engineer issued by recognised flag state, or

• Nationally recognised Barge Master licence, or

• Nationally recognised barge Chief Engineers license, or

• Extensive day-to-day experience in barge operations or barge terminal management.

Work Experience

• Must have served at least two years on the vessels of the type to be inspected, (*Note. Served means in this instance actual accumulated time on board and not calendar years), or

• Have undertaken suitable training to meet the agreed inspecting requirements for Category 3 vessels.

Category 3 Inspectors with previous seagoing experience shall hold, or have held a Certificate of Advanced training appropriate to the type of vessel to be inspected or a certificate issued by a local authority of equivalent standard.


Candidates must be able to demonstrate familiarity with, and knowledge of, International Regulations, National regulations as appropriate, codes and Conventions and Industry Guidelines, Procedures and Standards appropriate to the type of vessels being inspected.


Physically capable of conducting a full and complete inspection according to the requirement of the Barge Inspection Questionnaire: , and

• be capable of communicating proficiently in written and spoken English,

• be capable of communicating proficiently in the spoken language of the vessels’ personnel.

Category 3 Inspectors with previous seagoing experience shall hold or have held a Dangerous Cargo endorsement appropriate to the type of vessel to be inspected, or a certificate issued by a local authority of equivalent standard.
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Posted: Oct 1, 2020

1,000 Dangerous Ways to Rig a Pilot Ladder

Arie Palmers

Arie Palmers is a well experienced pilot and has provided some very valuable feedback over a period of years addressing all types of pilot ladder concerns and issues. This article shares these experiences and provides awareness in how ladders should and should not be rigged.
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Posted: Sep 24, 2020

AWP Inspector Bulletin # 16

Attached our latest inspector newsletter sharing experience and feedback.

This edition of our newsletter includes the following topics;

- Fire-Fighter Communication
- Training of DP Personnel
- Donning of BA Sets
- Dry Powder Extinguisher Expiry Dates
- Ballast Loading Rates
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Posted: Sep 4, 2020

MARPOL Electronic record books - option available from 1 October 2020

With the maritime industry getting more digital, from 1 October 2020, MARPOL will enable the use of electronic record books in lieu of hard copy record books. Electronic recording may benefit the retention of records by companies/ships and will reduce the administrative burden associated with paperwork.
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