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MARPOL Annex VI Record Book

MARPOL Annex VI Record Book

Bahamas Requirements

MARPOL Annex VI requires that specific actions on board be recorded in relation to ozone depleting substances, greenhouse gas emissions, installed abatement technology and sulphur content in bunkered fuel oil, including the following:

i. Regulation 12.6 of MARPOL Annex VI requires ships which have rechargeable systems that contain ozone depleting substances to maintain an Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) Record Book.

ii. Regulation 12.7 requires that entries be made in respect of ozone depleting substances when specific actions are carried out, such as supply, charge & discharge of system, repair & maintenance.

iii. Regulation 13.5.3 requires the tier and on/off status of marine diesel engines which are certified to both Tier II and Tier III, or to Tier II only, to be recorded in at entry and exit from a NOX Tier III emission control area (NECA), or when the on/off status of an engine changes within such an area.

iv. Regulation 14.6 requires that the volume of low sulphur fuel oils in each tank as well as the date, time, and position of the ship when any fuel-oil-change-over operation is completed prior to the entry into an Emission Control Area (ECA) or commenced after exit from an ECA.

v. Regulation 18.8.1 requires that the representative sample be retained under the ship’s control until the fuel oil is substantially consumed, but in any case, for a period of not less than 12 months from the time of delivery.

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