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IMCA Safety Flashes

IMCA Safety Flashes


The latest incidents shared from IMCA for April and May 2023 includes;

  • Inspection notice from Crosby on certain products
  • Uncontrolled movement of spreader bar
  • Equipment starts unexpectedly
  • Near Miss: steam and water released from filter
  • Maintenance and control of fire doors
  • BSEE: Person injured when safety mechanisms failed
  • Dropped spanner falls 15m
  • Equipment Damage: Dropped Object from tiltable lay system
  • Near Miss: Personnel nearly struck by rotating chain attached to flexible pipe
  • Near Miss – Messroom fridge fell over during rough seas
  • LTI finger injury during mooring operations
  • Crew member trapped his left index finger in watertight door
  • Hand injury from portable grinder
  • Cut and bruise to right hand whilst pressure testing
  • LTI: Hand injury in galley


Posted: May 11, 2023,
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Documents to download

  • SF-11-23(.pdf, 390.42 KB) - 117 download(s)
  • SF-10-23(.pdf, 402.36 KB) - 148 download(s)
  • SF-09-23(.pdf, 620.32 KB) - 133 download(s)
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