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IMCA Safety Flashes

IMCA Safety Flashes


Latest Safety Flashes cover;

  • Riggers injured while disconnecting rigging
  • Near miss: Floor Plate fell from Main Mast during storm
  • MAIB: Loss of containers overboard – task seen as routine
  • Maintenance and painting – two incidents
  • MSF: Manual Handling Injury During Bulk Hose Operations
  • Communications: LTI finger injury during lifting operations
  • COBRA System - Hose coupling cross threaded
  • Diver experienced an air flow restriction
  • Subsea transponder wire parted
  • MAIB: Blockage of fixed CO2 fire extinguishing system pilot hoses
  • MAIB Safety Digest 1/2022
  • USB power bank (Lithium battery) fire
  • USCG: Lithium battery fire
  • UK HSE: worker died following fall from crane platform
  • Riggers struck/trapped by pipe section

Posted: May 12, 2022,
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