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IMCA Safety Flashes

IMCA Safety Flashes

Safety Flashes 24-27

Here is a summary of what is contained in the attached bulletins;

- Serious incident: topsides started swinging during lifting
- MAIB: Crush fatality during lifting operations
- Snagged load, a sling snaps, dropped objects: persons injured
- LTI: three fingers badly cut while handling a long brass bar
- NTSB: collision leading to loss of life and damage
- NTSB – Safer Seas Digest 2020
- MSF: Hand Injury Sustained During Routine Checks
- Electrician suffered flash burn to hand
- Failure of in-service saturation bailout bottle
- Stuck emergency hatch freed
- UK HSE: employee scalped when hair trapped in a pillar drill
- Yawing of wind turbine nacelle placed ship in line of fire
- What are audits for? Some eCMID findings
- Failed lifting equipment: fatality during pipe erection activities
- UK HSE: Employee fatally injured while moving heavy equipment
- LTI: person injured when hook parted during lifting operations
- Damaged Electrical Cable
- UK HSE: Poorly maintained electrical installation caused fatality
- Near Miss – Damaged Rig Hose
- Wrong key for the CO2 room
- Condition of fire-fighting installation and equipment
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