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Guidance on Machinery Space Deficiencies

Guidance on Machinery Space Deficiencies

Liberian Registry

There is an increased focus on the proper operation of firefighting equipment and cleanliness of Machinery Spaces. Specifically, the following items are consistently noted by Port State Control Officers:

1. Engine Room Water Mist system set in “Manual” mode.

2. Fuel Oil Quick Closing valves blocked open by use of wedges or wires.

3. Pipes insulation laggings wrongly installed, soaked in Fuel Oil or missing.

4. Excessive Fuel, Oil accumulation and Lubrication Oil leaks in Machinery Spaces, Auxiliary Engines, Steering Gear Room or Purifier Room.

5. Inoperable Fixed Gas Detection systems, missing ships procedures on how to test the system, lack of crew knowledge on the proper operation of fixed gas detection systems, ships lacking the appropriate span gas to test the system or not having any span gas available, and missing specific testing equipment (adapter to connect to the sample point, appropriate regulator to hook up to the span gas, inflatable bags to hold the gas).
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