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Ballast Water Management: Adoption of new IMO guidance

Ballast Water Management: Adoption of new IMO guidance

Lloyds Registry

Challenging water quality conditions

MEPC.387(81) aims to address operational challenges encountered by a vessel fitted with a type-approved, properly installed and maintained ballast water management system (BWMS) when the ship is operating in challenging water quality (CWQ) conditions*.

The guidance includes:

Recommended steps to identify when a BWMS is inoperable owing to CWQ
Actions to avoid bypass of the BWMS
Steps to recover from bypass, including actions to return to compliance with the D-2 discharge standard
Planning, record-keeping and communication principles.
*Challenging water quality (CWQ) refers to ambient uptake water having quality parameters (including but not limited to high total suspended solids, or turbidity) that cause a properly installed, maintained and operated type-approved BWMS to be temporarily inoperable due to an operational limitation or an inability to meet operational demand. However, temperature and salinity are not parameters that define CWQ.

Posted: Jun 28, 2024,
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