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Proposed changes to IMO requirements on safe mooring

Proposed changes to IMO requirements on safe mooring
The IMO has drafted new proposals for requirements pertaining to mooring safety. These will apply to selection, arrangement, inspection, maintenance and replacement of mooring equipment, including lines. These addendum's are intended to improve mooring safety and are projected to be in place from 1 January 2024 somewhat behind MEG 4 implementation within the tanker industry however.

The regulatory tightening follows the many serious and fatal accidents linked to mooring operations, typically caused by manual handling of equipment or mooring line breakage (dynamic snap-back).

Key changes include;
ƒ New Guidelines on the design of mooring arrangements and
the selection of appropriate mooring equipment and fittings
for safe mooring;
ƒ New Guidelines for inspection and maintenance of mooring
equipment including lines;
ƒ Revised Guidance on shipboard towing and mooring equipment (MSC.1/Circ. 1175/Rev.1).
Posted: Jul 28, 2020,
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Author: Jon
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