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Trial - Carriage of Bauxite which may liquefy

Trial - Carriage of Bauxite which may liquefy

Group A and revised Group C IMSBC Code schedules are now mandatory

Subsequent work undertaken by the industry Global Bauxite Working Group (GBWG) in conjunction with competent Authorities indicated that there was a need to draw a distinction between Bauxite cargoes that can liquefy and those that do not.

As a result of the above work the IMSBC Code was amended to include a new Group A cargo ‘BAUXITE FINES’ and the existing schedule for ‘BAUXITE’ classified as Group C was revised. The two schedules are primarily based on a particle size distribution (PSD) criterion, where, in simple terms, bauxite fines are permitted loaded with a larger percentage of fine particles compared to bauxite, although drainage properties also come into consideration. The amended Code was published in 2020 and has now entered force.
Posted: Feb 22, 2021,
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Author: Jon
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