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SIRE 2.0 Training Videos – Human Factors

SIRE 2.0 Training Videos – Human Factors
Posted: Jan 13, 2023
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These videos explain the human factor and technical aspects of the SIRE 2.0 inspection from each stakeholder’s perspective and aims to help them identify the conditions and systems that influence their behaviour, while promoting safety and excellence across all operations.

OCIMF aims to improve safety and environmental protection in the maritime industry by considering human factors in everything the organisation does.

Human factors are the physical, psychological and social characteristics that affect human interaction with equipment, systems, processes, other individuals and work team(s).

Taking a human factors approach means recognising that it is the people on the ships and in the operations and support teams who make safety work, but that human error still occurs in interaction with conditions, systems and/or other people. It is by addressing these interactions, that we can reduce human error and so, reduce incidents and improve reliability and productivity.
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