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Port State Control CIC Sept 2023 - Fire Safety

Port State Control CIC Sept 2023 - Fire Safety
Posted: Aug 4, 2023
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CIC – Fire Safety
This year, the Paris and Tokyo MoUs agreed to run a CIC on the topic of fire safety. The majority of PSC MoUs have confirmed their participation in this year’s CIC.

The CIC will be carried out between 1 September and 30 November and will be covered by an additional questionnaire during routine port state inspections.

The additional questionnaire, highlighting the fire safety focus areas this time around, is usually published in early August. 

Traditionally, deficiencies in the fire safety section are among the most common of all detainable deficiencies, which is underlined by the fact that a third of DNV’s Top 18 detainable deficiencies relate to the topic of fire safety:

  • Fire dampers
  • Fire doors/openings in fire-resisting divisions
  • Fire detection systems
  • Fixed fire-extinguishing installations
  • Means of control (opening, pumps) in machinery spaces
  • Evaluation of crew performance (fire drills)


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