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Competent Person - Fire and Life Saving Appliances

Competent Person - Fire and Life Saving Appliances

Bahamas definition

There are many circumstances where inspection, maintenance and testing of appliances and equipment (whether on board ship or ashore) is required to be carried
out by a “competent person”.

It is clearly the responsibility of the Company to ensure that all such duties are carried out by suitably trained, qualified, and experienced personnel, irrespective of the wording contained in some regulations or guidelines, which can sometimes be misleading.

The Company with responsibility for management of the ship under the requirements of the ISM Code is responsible for assessing and selecting a suitable “competent person”. Appropriate procedures relating to this activity must be established within the Company’s Safety Management System. Documentary evidence of personnel competence must be available on board for verification by Bahamas Approved Nautical Inspectors and Recognised Organisations.
Posted: Aug 25, 2021,
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